About Us

We are initiating a series of projects through the Weavers Studio on the Baluchari. Through this, some of the finest pieces of Baluchari textiles will be presented through an exhibition, publication, seminar and other relevant events. Attempting to draw attention to its various creative, technical and social aspects, it is accompanied by a revival project to develop contemporary textiles - recreating its traditional designs as well as exploring new directions for the future.

The exhibition will showcase iconic historical pieces from the Tapi Collection in Surat and Weavers Studio Resource Centre in Kolkata, along with those drawn from other private and institutional collections. Accompanying installations will bring together paintings, maps, terracotta tiles, architectural references and other hand-craft from the period, which communicate the broader artistic milieu of the time.

A one-day seminar will invite an exchange on scholarship and discussion on the subject, through academic papers and audio-visual presentations. The opening of the exhibition will be on the evening of the 18th November 2016 at the Birla Academy of Arts, and the seminar will follow on the 19th November 2016. 

To communicate the importance of re-developing the Baluchari handloom industry in Bengal for the future, we are keen that the exhibition also feature contemporary interpretations in fabrics that we are currently commissioning in Bishnupur. For this, we have requested renowned Designers to create specially for the Exhibition, which will enable us to show how different fashion sensibilities can be presented through the Baluchari as a contemporary textile.